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  • HDD data recovery
    HDD data recovery

    Data recovery from hard drives
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  • Data recovery RAID systems
    Data recovery RAID systems

    Data recovery RAID 0, 1, 1+0, 5, 6... We are here for you!

  • Working hours:  9 - 18h
    Working hours: 9 - 18h

    Laboratory Address -
    Klare Cetkin 11, Belgrade



Data Solutions Laboratory offers full range of data recovery services from all types of hard disks. As proven data recovery experts for the past ten years we managed to implement the highest standards of success. Our specialties are hard disks.

Our laboratory has a state-of-the-art technology and our technicians are highly skilled and able to recover your crucial data from damaged hard disks of all brands. Constant education and technology improvements as well as experience in field of data recovery makes us capable to recover your data even if most of other "professionals" marked your damaged media as un-recoverable.

Logical errors

  • Deleted files
  • Viruses
  • File corruption
  • Partitioning errors
  • Re-formatting
  • Damaged File Systems

PCB malfunction

  • Damaged chip
  • Damaged controlers
  • ROM corruption
  • NVRAM corruption
  • Over-heating


Mechanical malfunction

  • Head malfunction
  • Read/Write channel errors
  • Actuator problems
  • Damaged Media
  • HDA Chamber contamination


  • Floods
  • Fires
  • Squall weather
  • Electric shock
  • Sabotage

Data Recovery process requires technology, knowledge and experience and after years of working in field of data recovery we managed to successfully recover data from hard disk of all types and brands.

Data recovery from Seagate HDD

We are pleased to announce that our laboratory is equiped with the last generation of hardware-software solution that enables our lab technicians to perform very successful data recovery from Seagate drives in a 3.5-inch form factor and models: Barracuda 7200.11/LB (500/750/1000/1500/2000 GB), Barracuda 7200.12, the models in 2.5 inches form factor: 5400.5 and 5400.6 as well as the drive generation with the Freeplay brand. Those are usually shiped as 1/1.5/2 TB USB removable drives.

Data recovery from Western Digital HDD

Specialist knowledge recently build up in the laboratories of our partners in the United States and Canada, helps our lab technicians recover the new generation of hard disk drives from another giant in the field, Western Digital company. Namely, the solution to firmware and mechanical failures has been making more difficult accessing these hard drive zones and data coping speed from WD models, in terms of capacity up to 1TB, for a long time now. The new technology enables us to recover your data despite all these problems, with reduced recovery time.

There is no limitation for successful data recovery from various types of operating systems used. Along to standard variation of Windows, Linux; Apple, Unix, Novell operating systems we are the one and only laboratory in region capable to recover data from old VAX, VMS, MINIX as well as SOLARIS platforms.

Data Solutions Laboratory is capable to recover data from all hard disk controller types such as: IDE/ATA/PATA/EIDE, SCSI, SAS, SATA, SATAII, MFM, RLL) along with various RAID systems.

Years of research and continuous improvement of data recovery techniques, as well as use of the modern equipment and top microprogram controllers for hard disk access, enabled us to recover lost data dispite many possible failures, regardless of file system or device type.



In order to help you get your data back ASAP, we are offering you the possibility to fill out Online diagnosis and reception form, and in that way get instant preliminary diagnosis, and receive 20% discount on data recovery services, as well as FREE courier delivery to our Laboratory (available only on the territory of Republic of Serbia).

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